Do You Need To Remove A Tree From Your Property?

Removing a tree isn’t something that most people want to do. They become an important part of your landscape that you get used to looking at and enjoying. Unfortunately, sometimes a tree does have to be removed for one reason or another and it’s a good idea to make sure that you get the job done by a professional tree removal vienna va service.

You’re Doing New Construction

If you are expanding your home or putting a new feature in the yard such as a pool or barn, you may have a tree that is in the way. In some cases, even if the tree won’t technically get in the way of the structure itself, you need to consider any future growth including that of the roots. Roots can cause a lot of damage over time as they will persistently push their way through even the strongest structures such as concrete. When this is the situation, you will have to decide which is more important: the tree or the addition?

It’s Infected With A Disease

If a disease is caught early enough in a tree, it can sometimes be treated quickly in order to bring it back to health. Some tree diseases are highly contagious and can make their way across your properties and even into your neighbors if nobody bothers to treat or remove the tree. It’s important to remember that diseases such as chlorosis can also spread to other types of plants as well which can ruin your entire landscape eventually.

You Don’t Want A Pest Problem

Just because a tree itself is dead doesn’t mean that everything in it is as well. Dead trees attract a lot of pests and most of them are much less desired than the ones that make live trees their home. In some cases, it’s the infestation itself that caused the tree’s death. If you notice that there are pests like termites in your tree, getting it removed might be the most sure fire way to make sure that the bugs don’t spread to your home or other parts of your yard.

You Don’t Want Branches To Fall

This one is pretty obvious but it’s a considerable danger that people seem to not want to think about. When a tree is damaged or unhealthy, it’s more likely to lose branches during a storm. While storms are when branches are more likely to fall, it can happen at any time. These branches can fall on living things like pets and children or they can damage property. If this property happens to belong to your neighbors you may be in a bit of legal trouble as well and be liable for the costs.

It’s Ugly

Dead trees just aren’t pretty anymore, at least not in the way that most people consider when they think of trees. That tree you once spent hours staring at may now be an eyesore. Getting rid of a dead tree can make your property look better and well maintained.