Five Tips for Making Towing Services Affordable

When most drivers need roadside assistance, they contact a towing services or tow truck company. The most common roadside problems include damage from accidents and breakdown problems related to insufficient gasoline, oil or other fluids, tire damage or defect and lockouts. Although companies typically charge a hook-up fee and per mile rate, the price for towing services depends on a variety of factors, including the type of services needed, transportation distance and local terrain. Towing services might cost less than one hundred dollars or several hundred dollars even when a tow involves a short distance. That said, you can afford any tow truck services gilbert az when you absolutely need them.

Call a Trusted Loved One

Sometimes the best way to keep the cost of services low is by asking a family member or friend who you know you can rely on during an emergency for help. For example, they might have the ability to tow your vehicle or change a tire. Depending on the distance, you might only need to pay for their fuel or gas, meals and lodging accommodations. They might also know a professional towing services provider who offers a loyalty or business referral discount.

Check Out Customer Loyalty Plans

Drivers often pay for low-cost towing services by simply turning to companies that they already frequent as a customer. For example, auto clubs offer low-cost and free roadside assistance as part of yearly membership plan benefits. Typically, free towing covers the first five or ten miles and then a partner towing company charges a low-cost per mile fee every mile after. Roadside assistance companies also exist and offer monthly and yearly payment plans. Several credit card companies offer cards that include free or low-cost roadside assistance as a cardholder reward or perk.

Ask Dealer About Warranty Coverage

Many dealers offer roadside assistance for new and pre-owned vehicles after a sale or during a lease period while the vehicle remains under warranty. If you’re in this type of situation, your dealer might send their own truck or hire a partner towing business. It’s important to remember that dealers often require that they perform any required repairs. As a result, they might only tow your vehicle to their location or the garage of a trusted partner mechanic.

Talk to Your Insurance Agent

Insurers often promote add-on policy extras, such as towing, locksmith and general roadside assistance services, as an incentive to attract and retain customers. With these bonus coverage options, you typically pay for the services upfront and then the insurer treats the incident like a claim and cuts you a reimbursement check. Sometimes you must use a towing services or roadside assistance company chosen by the insurer.

Negotiate a Deal or Discount

Most tow truck owners understand that not everyone can afford the price of a tow or other type of roadside assistance without help. They match lower competitor prices or offer a discount if the vehicle owner or driver pays with cash. A company might even allow you to combine discounts, such as customer loyalty and cash payment discounts. A local tow truck owner who knows you or performs a credit check might also agree to an installment payment plan as long as you pay a monthly fee or interest.

As you can see, you don’t have to worry about leaving your vehicle on the side of a road or in a public lot somewhere because you can’t afford towing services. A wide range of options exist. The key to saving money is to make arrangements for low-cost services before a breakdown or an accident and hone your negotiation skills.