Get the Appropriate Help With a Pipe Camera

You’re done with your home’s piping framework, but one month later, your drain isn’t working flawlessly anymore. Drain issues – your worst nightmare! Not only is it an intrusive project, but you also have no alternative. Moreover, the plumber will have to undo your backyard’s landscaping. However, do they have to? Although trenching sewer and piping repair used to be the sole solution, it is no longer the case. Modern technology proves otherwise. Today, there are inspection cameras that make the work more comfortable and less intrusive. With such hardware, and equipped with the right set of skills, maintenance specialists can fix the problem without even digging!

What is an Inspection Camera?

Your sewer lines are installed under your foundation. How would a problem that is under four to five inches of thick concrete slab get solved? A thing like pipe cameras are the ideal answers. The pipe camera is affixed to a flexible cable that gets inserted into the piping. It snakes its way through the piping as it offers the plumber a perfect visual of the interiors. The typical use of the camera is to locate a blockage or a break in the line. It is the best way for the plumber to figure out how to clear the line. Consider it as an investigative tool.

What to Consider When Choosing

Receiving the perfect diagnostics can either save you or cost you much cash. Inappropriately choosing a pipe camera wouldn’t be great for the endeavor. Consider the following factors when you are settling on one:

  • What is the pipe size? In pipe inspection, it is either push rod or tractor pull. For fundamental home drainage issues, you aren’t going to need the tractor pull system; this is mainly for large pipes that are ten inches or larger. The push rod is perfect for laterals and inner pipes, and this is what a homeowner will require.
  • Will you need a built-in recording capability? Well, if you are just interested in a look and see initiative, then the recording feature wouldn’t be useful. For those interested in recording, there are specific add-ons that you can purchase from an electronics store.
  • How is the after sales? You are going to shove your pipe camera down the drain. What could go wrong? Well, there’s a lot! Your pipe camera can be costly and of considerable length. This means that it can get stuck. It would be best if you ascertained that there are proper after-sales services in case there are errors.

Importance of a Pipe Camera

Without the pipe camera, the only strategy to learn of the root of the problem would be to dig down. This wouldn’t just be costly, slow and destructive, but it will destroy the aesthetic nature of your lawn. You’ll have to redo your landscaping once more. With a camera, you can learn exactly where and what the problem is. No matter what drain problem you have, the pipe camera presents the first diagnosis and solving of the problem after that. It is a perfect solution for a less-invasive procedure.