Start Your Water Heater Search Early

Most major appliances can give homeowners a maximum of 10 to 15 years of good, quality service. After that their usefulness may begin to decline and the search begins for a replacement. With proper maintenance a few more years may be added before the water heater’s demise. Don’t, however, get your hopes up that it will last forever.

One of the common reasons a water heater deterioates is due to rust, particularly if corrosion is near the temperature and pressure relief valve. Water heater failures are inevitable, but with the proper maintenance they can reach their peak before you have to replace it. Water heaters are peculiar appliances. Unlike with other leaking appliances which can usually be repaired, a leaking water heater is done.

Once that happens the water heater needs immediate attention. The leak can cause damage when allowed to go on for a while. It can even become a health risk to your family.

In the future when you purchase a new water heater, make a mental note to periodically check the current status of your unit to make certain it is performing as it was meant to. As the time gets nearer to replacing the unit, say 18 months, start saving and shopping so the impact of a big spend doesn’t hit you all at once. You can begin your search for a new water heater at your local hardware store.

Water heaters are necessary expenditures for our homes. We desire hot water to shower and to clean with. Look at all the newer models since your last purchase and note the features, energy efficiency,and pay special attention to its warranty. Starting your search early give you a head start to avoid crunch time.

You may not know much about water heaters but that is an easy fix if you consult with the plumber who will install it for you or your local hardware store. Homeowners will often buy the water heater from the plumber since he will be the one to install the unit. He is probably most knowledgeable about your needs. He may even recommend you stick with a newer more efficient model of the one you presently own.

It is sometimes easier to replace the same type of unit since the costs will probably be minimized. For example switching from a 30 gallon gas water heater to a tankless electric heater may incur more costs based on installation procedures needed to meet the standards for energy efficiency that became effective in 2015 while adhering to the standards of the Environmental Protection Agency. The most important thing any homeowner can do, according to a water heater service Alexandria Va, when considering a purchase is to familiarize themselves with the warranty.

It will stipulate repair options and conditions. The warranty can make a huge difference in your purchasing decision. In the long run the higher priced water heater may be your choice if its warranty can save you money in repair costs down the line.